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Questions & Answers

  • Are Your Services Covered by my Insurance?

    Umbilical cord cell therapy is not currently covered by insurance. The laboratory where the material is processed and frozen is regulated by the FDA, and each shipment of materials comes with a checklist showing all screenings performed for hygienic and suitability.

  • Do You Offer Walk-In Clinic Services?

    Typically our day is planned in advance by appointment only, but if you wish to be seen (for an evaluation or to discuss procedures) same-day, simply call our schedule line and we will work you in if we can.

  • What Are Your New Patient Procedures?

    All new patients are asked to register with some basic information, a short medical history, and a description of the problem for which they are seeking help. We also ask our patients to bring any radiologic information such as MRIs and/or X-Rays, prior orthopedic consultation reports, and details of past surgical procedures with them.

Considering PRP or Cell Therapy? There are several important questions to ask your provider.

What Are Your Physician’s Diagnostic Skills?
  • Is your provider a board-certified orthopedic surgeon?
  • Does your physician offer a discussion of alternative treatments?
  • How experienced is the physician performing the procedure?
  • Does your physician offer you a full medical evaluation, including an assessment of your medical history?
  • Does your provider review your imaging procedures with you personally?
Does your physician have the equipment to provide accurate and precise delivery of the healing product, including video fluoroscopy and ultrasound?
  • Is your physician experienced with the usage of ultrasound and video fluoroscopy, for delivery of treatment?
Does Your physician offer PRP in combination with cell therapy? What product is your provider using?
  • Is your physician able to tell you how many active cells you are receiving with your treatment?
  • Is the provider able to provide you with an FDA compliance certification of safety for the cells you are receiving?
Is the seminar spokesperson the physician who will deliver the services?
  • At BioHealing Orthopedics, the answer to all of these questions is YES!
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